Series on the Heidelberg Catechism L.D. #1 - 16
Rev. GI Williamson

Lesson Chapter TitleTimeFile Size Play
CAT001-1 Isaiah 12 (L.D. 1)The Real Thing 0:34 4,249 KB click here
CAT001-2 Romans 3:19, 20 (L.D. 2)The Work of the Law0:29 3,604 BK click here
CAT002-1 Ecclesiastes 7:29 (L.D. 3)Where True Wisdom Begins0:34 4,235 KB click here
CAT002-2 Romans 8:3,4 (L.D. 4)What the Law Could Not Do0:29 3,557 KB click here
CAT003-1 Romans 4:4-5; Matthew 19 (L.D. 5)The Two Alternatives0:29 3,637 KB click here
CAT003-2 Hebrews 8:1 (L.D. 6)The Main Point of the Bible0:30 3,779 KB click here
CAT004-1 Matthew 10:24-42 (L.D. 7)Counting The Cost0:30 3,777 KB click here
CAT004-2 John 14 (L.D. 8)The Greatest Mystery0:33 4,072 KBclick here
CAT005-1.rm Psalm 33 (L.D. 9)God The Father Almighty0:25 3,159 KB click here
CAT005-2 Psalm 135 (L.D. 10)The Providence of God 0:30 3,755 KB click here
CAT006-1 Rev 7:9-17 (L.D. 11)Jesus confessed as Only Savior0:28 3,510 KB click here
CAT006-2 I John 4:1-6 (L.D. 12)The Watershed 0:28 3,538 KB click here
CAT007-1 Phil 2:5-11 (L.D. 13)What It Means to Call Him Lord 0:36 4,486 KBclick here
CAT007-1 Hebrews 2:9-11 (L.D. 14)Why It Happened That Way 0:31 3,857 KBclick here
CAT008-1 Acts 4:27, 28 (L.D. 15)Under Pontius Pilate 0:28 3,512 KBclick here
16CAT008-2 Romans 5:6-11 (L.D. 16)Why Did He Have To Die? 0:31 3,906 KBclick here

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